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Hartley is definatly still being worked on. Some people are still asking me about Ghosthunt 3. There will not be a Ghosthunt 3 in a sense. I refuse to do what so many companies do wrong today by milking a concept.

Hartley will be a singleplayer experience.

It will take players on a sub-linear adventure through the twisted mental asylum of Hartley, and as you explore it you'l not only reveal it's inhabitants but it's dark history too.

There is a story to be told but in some parts the feeling of a story being present will be ambient at best. I want to give players a solid objective, open the doors to the asylum and say "Get on with it."

Think Silent Hill in first person. You're restricted to sections and there are small puzzles to be solved, at the same time you'l be finding ghosts (of course), witnessing random events and maybe even defending yourself. Once the core "puzzle" or story element has been solved you can move on - With the pleasure of being able to move back to the previously visited areas. All with their events, names and history elements intact. If you're too scared, you can even run for the exit and end the story prematurely.
Check out the Current Development section of a new screenie of a side project I've been working on. Details soon.
Had a fantastic evening playing with some folks. We played both Ghosthunt 1 and 2. Apparently those fine chaps play every Friday night. I could get into a habit!

Top night. A big thank you to the guys for your continued support. You have been recognized and your comments have been absorbed.

Recently, I became employed. This is a good thing. However I have not really had much time to spend on Hartley.

I've done some bits here and there when I've not been too tired but mostly the development process for Hartley has slowed right down, almost to a griding halt. Hey - at least I'm being honest.

Despite this, I haven't exactly stopped mapping. Mapping is a hobby of mine and for a few weeks now I've been working on my own little thing, something to take my mind off of the working world and into something different. I'm really trying to experiment with narrative here.

I'm going to keep chipping away at Hartley on weekends and carry on with this own little thing in my own time. I
Head on over to the new site area named "Hartley Progress" to take a peek at some in-editor shots of Hartley. Only two there right now. More soon.
You can follow all our updates in realtime now, on Twitter:!/Breadman15
Work on the Hartley Asylum has officially began. Current work involves mapping, modelling and a custom soundtrack.

Thank you to all the folks who signed up. We received loads and loads and LOADS of names. Rest assured they were not picked by hand. All names went into a hat and were then picked out at random, so I do apologise if you didn't make it but we really were not expecting to get the amount of signups we did.

We may be scouting for folks in the future (Voice actors etc.) But for now we have our work cut out.

This site will be updated frequently. Watch this space for more information in the coming weeks. It should also be noted that I am willing to attend any Q&A sessions reguarding Ghosthunt and Hartley. Anybody interested should use this sites comment form to contact me.

I would like to thank the Steam and the Facepunch community for their continued, kind support during the development of Ghoshunt 1 and 2, and I look forward to entertaining you all in future.
I'll give you a clue.

It's Ghosthunt 3. And it's also, not Ghosthunt 3. Yep.

More details soon, if you've not found the secret webpage already you should do so quickly! We need just a few more signups (They have jumped incredibly over the last two days.)

From the horses mouth I'll tell you now, that signups submitted before the form dissapears will have their names placed in the upcoming project.

This is going to be ghosthunt themed but it'l have a completely different playstyle.

Oh, you'l be alone too. Don't forget that.
You can find all the relavent information here:

I would like to thank the Facepunch community and Garrys mod for the continued kind support. Please enjoy the map, and look carefully for hints at things to come.

PS - It's not exactly "Ghosthunt 3." But it IS related.