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I'm pretty busy right now. Not having much time for Ghosthunt 3. I'm working pretty much 24/7 and any time that I do get mapping feels like work too so I'm focusing on little side projects and hobbies that keep me sane rather than turning Ghosthunt 3 into a pile of shit.

I started a blog which I write during my lunchbreaks at work which is pretty cool. Support would be nice!

I'm not saying I'm postponing GH3 because I still work on it but it's probably going to be a while. I'm sure those of you with work and kids will understand.


You can ask me questions and If I'm paying attention I will read them. You'll also get updates on development more frequently.

As part of their halloween antics this year, the Yogscast had a play around with Gm_ghosthunt - the original map.

You should totally check the video out, it's pretty funny!

Thanks for playing guys! <3

So the other day I made a development thread for Ghosthunt 3. You can find the thread here: CLICK

As usual all new screenies and updates will be posted in this thread. Anything major will go both there and on this site.

So I recently moved into my own place with my girlfriend. Something I thought would be over soon has kept me busy for WEEKS. Moving out is a fricken' nightmare believe me.

Firstly - You want Ghosthunt 3 and I know this because of the emails yall sent me whilst I've been away. Some are actually quite touching - making sure I'm alright - and I'm totally fine.

Secondly. Steam offline mode sucks.

Thirdly, I am working still on GH3 and Hartley. Yes I am actually working on them like physically and mentally creating maps. Just not on my Breadman steam user.
More of a tease really, go to the Hartley Progress section !
I'm still working on stuff. I've been pretty busy with work but I do get time each evening. Some of you on Steam have said hello during me mapping or whatever - it's good.

I'm multi-tasking, working on GH3 and Hartley (I got Dom back.) and the whole thing is starting to look proper now. First two maps of Hartley are in testing and I'm working on the next.

I'd like to thank the user 'A Big Fat Ass' from Facepunch for donating some very nice models, these will be put to good use I promise.

I'll get some shots soon. Thanks all for the continued support/emails.

Check it out : LINK
GH3 in the works. Comfirmed and all that balls. Will probably make a FP thread soon.

Hartley is AWOL for now. Way too much work to do by myself. Will look into getting a bigger team in the new year. I do way too much work outside of my mapping space now with the new job to be able to sit down and crack on and my wingman is busy exploring his girlfriend (Grats Dome!)

Thats why this holiday is presenting me with a perfect oppertunity to get something else made - something I can push out to you. So watch out for stuff about that shortly. Screenies or something. BLAH.

I'd like to share with you a question I get asked ALL THE DAMN TIME.

pppie123 on Youtube asked:

How do you make it so anything can happen anywhere in the map at random? I am tired of relying on Triggers that only occur once. Any suggestions?

My reply:

Good question. Most of the events in Ghosthunt 1 relied on logic_timers. Then I would just set a min/max time for the event to occur leaving it in source's hands as to when the stuff actually happened. And that was set per-event all with varying min/max times.

As for making it happen anywhere, thats a pretty complicated one.

A good example:

When you've got an Env_laser or Env_Beam it asks for a target. If you give it the same target name but then duplicate that target it will fire the laser at intervals at those targets at random. In GH2 using some very complicated I/O's I managed to get a ghost to teleport around the map - not completely at random - but at certain points. I filled the map with those points (Path_corners) and had the event trigger at random with a timer. The event would be constantly moving around the paths but you would'nt see it until the event actually occured - giving the illusion of it happening anywhere at anytime.

I hope this has helped pppie123, keep mapping and feel free to decompile my maps to learn more.