I'll give you a clue.

It's Ghosthunt 3. And it's also, not Ghosthunt 3. Yep.

More details soon, if you've not found the secret webpage already you should do so quickly! We need just a few more signups (They have jumped incredibly over the last two days.)

From the horses mouth I'll tell you now, that signups submitted before the form dissapears will have their names placed in the upcoming project.

This is going to be ghosthunt themed but it'l have a completely different playstyle.

Oh, you'l be alone too. Don't forget that.

01/25/2012 10:25

good post

01/26/2012 01:28

THX for info

03/27/2012 19:05

Nice one info, thx

03/29/2012 15:56

will return quickly

03/30/2012 05:42

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