So I recently moved into my own place with my girlfriend. Something I thought would be over soon has kept me busy for WEEKS. Moving out is a fricken' nightmare believe me.

Firstly - You want Ghosthunt 3 and I know this because of the emails yall sent me whilst I've been away. Some are actually quite touching - making sure I'm alright - and I'm totally fine.

Secondly. Steam offline mode sucks.

Thirdly, I am working still on GH3 and Hartley. Yes I am actually working on them like physically and mentally creating maps. Just not on my Breadman steam user.

09/22/2012 15:44

Hi breadman, i hope you'r fine in your new place!

Anyways, halloween's coming :D

I hope it'll be done ^^"
Keep up the great job.

09/30/2012 14:00


I'm the creator of gm_parasite, i have another big project laying around (horror ofcourse) but i didn't touch it for like a month now. I just don't have the inspiration anymore, i wonder if you want to take a look at it ? Maybe you can use it or whatever. (sorry for my english)


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