Relax. It's still being worked on. Like crazy, actually. Few technical difficulties here and there but now work can continue. I was having some issues with drawdistance using fog (To make this playable online.) and the skybox but those are sorted and now all I need to do is import (Literally copy/paste) The final events I've made and then test and tweak.

Let me define test and tweak, because I've said that alot and people are now biting their lips.

When I tested Ghosthunt 1, I literally got some close friends and we ran a server and played for about an hour each session. I didn't tell them what I'd changed or added and they went off whilst I just observed. This worked really well and that is literally how I have been testing Ghosthunt 2 - Until very recently. Source could not handle all the props within an online environment and I have to divert efforts to fix this issue. Now that the issue has been sorted I can begin to test GH2 properly in an online environment. It's all there all the sounds, textures, lighting, areas, optimisation - It all works perfectly. Just need to see what happens when I throw it at two or more people and then tailor the experience based on their reactions.

I feel as though I'm under alot of pressure. I want Ghosthunt 2 to come out perfect.

It probably won't rival its predecessor but I'm hoping it'l come close.

Mostachio! =}D

05/28/2011 03:56

Good Work :)

06/06/2011 14:24


Night Hawk
06/07/2011 16:53

Proud of you man, keep up the good work.


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