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Hartley is definatly still being worked on. Some people are still asking me about Ghosthunt 3. There will not be a Ghosthunt 3 in a sense. I refuse to do what so many companies do wrong today by milking a concept.

Hartley will be a singleplayer experience.

It will take players on a sub-linear adventure through the twisted mental asylum of Hartley, and as you explore it you'l not only reveal it's inhabitants but it's dark history too.

There is a story to be told but in some parts the feeling of a story being present will be ambient at best. I want to give players a solid objective, open the doors to the asylum and say "Get on with it."

Think Silent Hill in first person. You're restricted to sections and there are small puzzles to be solved, at the same time you'l be finding ghosts (of course), witnessing random events and maybe even defending yourself. Once the core "puzzle" or story element has been solved you can move on - With the pleasure of being able to move back to the previously visited areas. All with their events, names and history elements intact. If you're too scared, you can even run for the exit and end the story prematurely.
Check out the Current Development section of a new screenie of a side project I've been working on. Details soon.